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Churchill East Village Community Association, Inc.
ImageWelcome to the official site of the Churchill East Village Community Association. We hope that our website will be helpful, informative and allow us to share more information with you.

The Churchill East Village community was developed in the early to mid 1980s by Pulte Homes. Our community of 534 townhomes is located in the Churchill Town Sector of Germantown between Middlebrook Road, Father Hurley Boulevard and Waters Landing Drive.

Churchill East Village provides a living environment featuring pathways and recreational amenities as well as convenience to the Germantown Town Center where there is shopping, entertainment and local government services. The recreational amenities include playgrounds for the children as well as a private swimming pool facility that is the center of activity during the warm weather months.

The purpose of this site is to provide residents at Churchill East Village with easy access to our association and information relevant to the community. If you live in the Churchill East Village community, and would like to collaborate with others in the community, we invite you to join our monthly Board meetings.
The Homeowners Association
When you purchase a home at Churchill East, you automatically became a member of The Churchill East Village Community Association which was established through the filing of Articles of Incorporation and the creation of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (Declaration) and the By Laws. These "legal documents" were filed with the State and local government prior to beginning development.

The Declaration is a document that is filed in the Land Records and "runs with the land" meaning that all deeds for all lots at Churchill East are “subject to” the provisions of this document. The Declaration spells out the requirements for budgeting, collection of assessments, the architectural control process and other “use restrictions” for the community.

The By Laws are an associated document that is largely administrative in nature and establishes criteria for meetings, elections, voting, etc..

Maryland law requires the seller of a home that is part of a homeowners association to provide the purchaser with specific information as a “disclosure package” at the time that the contract of purchase is made. Therefore, everyone should have been provided with a great deal of information, including the governing documents, rules & regulations, etc. Everyone is encouraged to read these documents carefully. Feel free to contact Vanguard Management with any questions. By heeding the provisions of these documents, the community will remain a nice place for everyone.
How To Make Your Assessment Payment
Homeowners may make their assessment payment in a variety of ways including by mail, E-check, credit card and direct debit. Visit Vanguard Management's website for information and instructions on how to make your assessment payment.

Please note that Vanguard Management Associates, Inc. does not monitor third-party websites, does not endorse and is not responsible for the content, security or products and services offered on other websites.

Remember, the monthly assessment payment is due the first (1st) day of each month and is considered late if not received by the fifteenth (15th) day of the month. Late payments are subject to a fifteen dollar ($15.00) late charge and other costs of collection. Payments should be mailed to:

Churchill East Village
c/o A.A.F.S.
P.O. Box 93687
Last Vegas, NV 89193-3687

If you do not have a coupon, make sure to note your 12 digit account number on the memo line of your check. If you do not know your account number, contact Vanguard Management at (301)540-8600 x3303
Police Reminder
The Police Department would like to remind residents that there are several ways they can help assist police in preventing crimes by reporting suspicious activities. This includes persons, vehicles, things that are “out of place” or “out of the norm”.

Below are some obvious things to watch for and report:
  • • A stranger entering your neighbor’s house when they are away…may be a burglar.
  • • Someone screaming might indicate a robbery or a sexual assault or other crime may be occurring.
  • • Offers of the sale of merchandise at ridiculously low prices are often too good to be true and might actually be stolen property.
  • • Anyone peering into parked cars may be looking to steal the vehicle or the valuables inside.
  • • Sounds of breaking glass or a loud noise might indicate an accident, burglary or vandalism.
  • • Persons going door-to-door in your neighborhood, watch for a while. Do they turn the doorknob to see if it’s locked? Are they looking in the windows? Do they go around to the side or rear yard to see if someone is home? If so these individuals might be burglars.
  • • Persons waiting in front of a house or business if the owner is absent or the business is closed. This person may be a lookout for a burglary in progress.
  • • Parked occupied vehicles containing one or more persons are especially suspicious if observed at an unusual hour. The subjects could be possible lookouts for a burglary in progress or other illegal activity (such as drugs and/or underage drinking).
  • • An abandoned vehicle parked on your block may be a stolen vehicle.

  • • Don’t assume that someone else has already called.
  • • Don’t worry about “bothering” us; that’s why we’re here.
  • • Don’t be embarrassed if your suspicions prove unfounded



Help us in the fight against crime, by not becoming a victim.
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