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Board Meetings
ImageThe Board of Directors is the governing body of the Churchill East Village Community Association. The powers and duties of the Board include adoption of the annual budget, establishment of rules and regulations for the use of common property, enforcement of the governing documents and employment of all contractors, including the managing agent, legal representation, the auditor, pool management, grounds maintenance, snow clearing and trash collection.

The Board of Directors consists of community members who are dedicated to operating the homeowners association for the benefit of our community. Directors are homeowners - your neighbors - elected by majority vote at the annual meeting in September each year.

The Board provides leadership by reliably conducting the business of the Association and by developing and establishing long range community goals. In order to perform those duties and responsibilities, the Board of Directors seeks guidance from committees, as appropriate, consisting of volunteer members from the community at large.

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Churchill Village South Community Center, 13601 Wanegarden Dr. in Germantown. All Churchill East Village residents are invited to attend.

At every meeting, there is an opportunity for homeowners and residents to express concerns and ideas directly to the Board through a homeowner forum that is a standing item on the meeting agenda. Please come and make yourself heard.

The Churchill East Village Community Association Board of Directors

Bill Harris, President
Ruth Watkins, Secretary
Gerrit DeJager, Treasurer
James Aman, Director

ATTENTION CHURCHILL EAST VILLAGE HOMEOWNERS: The contact information provided above is for your convenience. However, you are strongly urged to use consideration in making contact with any of these volunteers. Please contact your neighbors only at reasonable times of day and for reasons that are appropriate to their position on the Board and within their area of authority. Remember, THEY ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS AND ARE VOLUNTEERS!

The Churchill East Village Community Association is professionally managed by VANGUARD MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES, INC.

Community Manager: Ms. Sandra Ewing

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